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1 Year Limited Warranty

70% or More Made and Assembled in America
70% or More Made & Assembled in America

The Easy-Clean Water Bowl is an automatic filling water bowl for all sized animals featuring several cost and time saving features.

  • Has no corners, pockets or inaccessible areas for Easy-Cleaning ability.
  • Provides an easy do-it-yourself way to have automatic water for pets.
  • It is automatic filling, with a fast-fill float valve that can replenish the water even faster than a horse can drink.
  • It's compact, and reduces the water capacity and surface area to a minimum.
  • Provides a better quality, protected float valve that easily hinges open for cleaning.
  • There is no spraying water or noise when filling that could startle animals.
  • Provides an easier more versatile ¼” water connection with a better quality, longer, reinforced hose.
  • It is one product with many versatile applications from pets to livestock.