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1 Year Limited Warranty

70% or More Made and Assembled in America
70% or More Made & Assembled in America
The inventor of The Easy-Clean Water Bowl raises hundreds of emus and has found every type of fence-mount water device was soon broken. After dozens of repairs, the best solution was to hang a 2 gallon heavy duty bucket utilizing a float valve and durable, flexible water lines from the chains of the shelters. The emu could run into them repeatedly and never break them. This method was somewhat successful for years. The downside was, with over 30 hanging water buckets, the cleaning, and float valve repairs was a time consuming job. This chore was the inspiration that led to the creation of The Easy-Clean Water Bowl.

The Easy-Clean Water Bowl solved the water supply problems for all the ranch animals from the emu chicks on the ground to the adult emu and for the horses, dogs and cats as well.