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1 Year Limited Warranty

70% or More Made and Assembled in America
70% or More Made & Assembled in America

Indoor Installation Kit

Price: $19.95

With the optional indoor water line installation kit, you can use The Easy-Clean Water Bowl indoors. The kit includes 25' of ¼” plastic water line, a ¼” “T” and a ¼” coupling. This plastic water line is the diameter of a pencil and is what is most commonly used for water to refrigerators. With the connection “T” the line to the refrigerator can be tapped into and the small water line can be run behind cabinets, along floorboards or under floors to a suitable location to provide water for your pets. Or put it in a bathroom by replacing the stop valve for the toilet or sink with a 2 way stop valve so The Easy-Clean Water Bowl can be placed on the floor next to the sink or toilet.  

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